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What We're About

Local, personal, human, community connections and inclusion feelings are long-proven cornerstones of healthy human living, longevity and wellbeing.

The Wellselves aims are simple:

  • Raising awareness of earth beneath our feet and all forms of life around, promoting more nature-supportive living.
  • Remaining informed by historical facts and universal truths.
  • Re-knowledging natural balance damaging errors of the past.
  • Enhancing collective power-sharing.
  • Reducing unidentified human and natural stressors.
  • Using traditionally proven and researched healing methods in combination, to assist recovery of suffering human minds, emotions and senses.
  • Finding and building human ingenuity and creativity.
  • Identifying self and other needs in relationships as equal and more ideally integrating them.
  • Recognising what and who is most vulnerable to change and making a commitment to optimise their protection.

The Rationale

Humanity evolved in communities. Community engagement unsurprisingly, is long proven to be what keeps humans healthiest and most productive. People of the past, once:

  • regularly exchanged long stories, histories, healing, touch and supportive presence, maintaining more genuine co-understandings.
  • co-planned more, simple leisure time.
  • respected our elders wisdom and that their strong spirit, had so long cared loyally and tirelessly for them.
  • had scope for taking more time out to relax in talking and non-survivalist activity.
  • formed trusted social bonds more easily with shared frameworks.
  • accepted and even values interesting unique differences in others more curiously.

Community-building should support feelings of welcomeness. It requires connection and facilitation scope. It is:

  • other, earth AND self-healing based and actively-tended.
  • best developed of independently self-funded by the community itself.
  • understands and is connected to it's allies, but unreliant on other bodies.
  • able to manage finding and entering unique spaces, for future development of new, shared identities and cultures.

Future Development Aims

The Wellselves vision, is to slowly build and set up small, local presences, in targeted areas. The targets are to achieve the following goals:

  • Break down fear and walls that engender increasingly isolated suburban neighbourhoods and lives.
  • Develop new, creative approaches to increase human contact, acceptance of diversity and co-dialogue.
  • Study social change, societal phenomena, human identity and cultural trends,
  • Contribute new ideas and findings to public awareness raising and policy change.
  • Better identify vis direct community contacts, what endangers and promotes healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Grow understanding, co-educate and redefine concepts and practices for re-building community.
  • Devote ourselves to finding better, innovative keys to more meaningful, healthier human lives, longevity and wellbeing.

Through following these aims, goals and activities, we'll help re-build stronger, kinder, happier, more creatively expressive, well, wiser communities.

Thereby, we'll work to support stronger intra-connecting, with fellow human neighbours and their lives. Better understanding community, more frequently-shared suburban lives and stories, can help create more connected, well selves.

Chláir Weightman
Founder and Executive Director