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Programs and Therapies

Medicare-rebated focussed
therapy and support groups

Medicare-rebated focussed therapy and support groups

Wellselves offers day and early evening Medicare-rebatable Individual consultations and groups for adjustment disorders, mood and anxiety and continuing stress, based in personal/occupational identity challenges and human relationships. Click here to book an appointment: http://www.wellselves.com.au/appointments/

Therapeutic support and referral is offered, both in groups and individually at Wellselves.

Individual Programs

Our programs spring from interest in establishing life motivation and meaning. Leaving individuals feeling better temporarily, only to relapse more severely and need higher care, is not ideal long-term, relapse preventive care.

We support work on interpersonal issues including identity and culture complexities, difficulty in negotiating intimate or complicated friendship and romantic relationships. Other support interest are personal gender development and psycho-social identity transitions.

Clinical psychological assessment, treatment, peer and student supervision are offered at Wellselves. 


Inter-connective bio-psycho-social therapeutic support is an important part of personal development and growth. Groups are led by experienced psychologists. Mindfulness and identity exploration groups are run responsively to individual client needs.  Interest may be expressed here: http://www.wellselves.com.au/appointments/

Allied health
group programs

Allied health group programs

Wellselves is committed to designing new, continuously researched health, mental-emotional wellbeing and personal care supportive programs. Self and continuous identity development, for individuals, family and close supports in community contexts are becoming more vital than ever. Mainstream media is now regularly and constantly bombarding humans with images and ideas about who they ‘should’ be, for the most part, to sell consumer products for profit, with little community gain.

We are devoted to lessening this impact and finding strategic approaches to help reduce it still more. Increased community connectivity options, psycho-education, promoting discussion of personal history impacts and inter-understanding of diversity are core. In recoveries from personal emotional and mental anguish and distress, cultural and community understanding, encouragement, personal support to reduce trauma and social adjustment are all proven key treatment support and help-seeking motivators. Embracing and promoting these, also assists in profiling new options, for raising wider, community level awareness of development of wellbeing reducers.

Individual assessments
and therapies

Individual assessments and therapies

Health fund-rebatable, cost-effective individual and small (max four person), body exploration and somatic identity development-supportive yoga groups, are offered by resident, highly experienced Yogini, Dianna Tarr [link]. Dianna is available for appointments to various clients including children, parents, adolescents adults and close personal supporters. An initial appointment and assessment is undertaken with each individual and their program designed personally by Dianna, to suit level of physical need.

Set apart from other clinical psychology practice, Chláir is also trained in an accredited, ancient aboriginal health and healing-based practice (Wayapa Wurrk www.wayapa.com.au). A whole body, mind and place orientating method, Wayapa Wuurk can be gentle and completed at the level appropriate for each person.

Chláir offers several morning and evening body, mind and environmental-sensorium re-connective groups via Wellselves. Places are by negotiation, pending availability.