Consultant Psychologists

Claire Weightman | Psychologist Essendon

Claire Weightman

Clinical, Community and Organisational Psychologist

Claire (Chláir) Weightman is a Melbourne-based Australian-Irish Psychologist. Claire has been involved in the study and practice of psychology for over 33 years. Claire is Wellselves’ Executive Director, also operating as a consultant clinician, professional supervisor and clinical and community programs developer.

Claire is an AHPRA-endorsed, Clinical, Organisational and Community Psychologist. Claire has assisted over 20,000 individual clients, working as a practitioner for over 28 years.

An active member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) since 1994, Claire holds full membership of the APS Clinical, Organisational and Community Colleges. Claire has held past high profile psychology positions in large corporations, hospitals, public sector settings, welfare agencies, health settings, tertiary institutions and medical practices.

Earlier psychologist roles in neuro-developmental and disability support services in Qld honed Claire’s somato-sensory assessment interests and skills. Later Claire worked as a Commonwealth Government-employed senior psychologist with adults. Other senior psychology and supervisory roles followed, in several prominent services, including Qld Police, Learning Links in NSW, the Melbourne Clinic and the Cairnmillar Institute.

Tracking more common predetermining and maintaining interactions between social, emotional and self/identity factors supporting reduced mental health onset, has remained an interest throughout Claire’s career.

Claire’s practice ethos emphasises increased prevention and remission maintenance, continuing engagement and support toward gradual reduction of personal risk factors and symptoms. Identifying personally tailored strategies for steadily increasing resiliency and confidence capacities are other typical interventions.

Claire has retained a particular interest in working with identity development and with its adaptation to social contexts, dissociation, personal identity dysphorias and body dysmorphic conditions. Claire continues providing assessment and therapeutic support to gender dysphoria-affected individuals and other non-binary identifying communities.

Other areas of particular practice interest are human neuro-sensory development stages and psychological impacts of trauma; organic and hormonal aspects of mood and arousal dysregulation; human sexuality and identity; and human relationship negotiation, trust factors and communication.

Claire is a long-standing clinical practitioner and supervisor of CBT, ACT, DBT and Schema Therapies. Jungian and Gestalt psychodynamic therapies, group and individual mindfulness practices, registered indigenous wellness programs, and clinical hypnosis are further practice strengths. Positive psychology, motivational interviewing and personal coaching are other continuing applied interests.

Claire has built a number of earlier private practices in Qld and NSW. Wellselves is evolving in response to observed, increased need in Melbourne for more community-based, better locally integrated supports.

As a continuing, extensively experienced professional supervisor, Claire supervises early career and later career psychologists, psychiatrist registrars, psychotherapists, clinical nurses and clinical social workers. Claire provides weekly, fortnightly and monthly supervision by negotiation, via face to face or e-supervision.

A former Secretary of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists, Claire also held numerous APS committee positions and roles from 2001 to 2012. These included office bearer and member roles on local, state, national and college member committees, national advisory committees and reference groups.

Shalini Mathew | Psychologist EssendonShalini Mathew

Registered Psychologist

Shalini is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. Her professional psychology work has widely spanned across all life stages and multiple client issues. She has worked for over seven years with older and younger adults, adolescents and children, from highly diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Passionate about making a genuine difference to the lives of her clients, Shalini is especially skilled in facilitating self-discovery processes and gradual therapeutic changes. She deeply values the Rogerian principles, including therapeutic environment establishment, genuineness, acceptance and empathy. The power of strong therapeutic alliance is an important practice principle for Shalini.

Trained to formulate and tailor-make intervention plans to answer the unique needs of each client, Shalini uses a very eclectic method and skills base. She amalgamates multiple preferred therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavior therapy, strengths supportive therapy, interpersonal therapies and integrated mindfulness techniques.

Trained to formulate and tailor-make intervention plans to answer the unique needs of each client, Shalini uses a very eclectic method and skills base. She amalgamates multiple preferred therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavior therapy, strengths supportive therapy, interpersonal therapies and integrated mindfulness techniques.

Shalini’s experience includes working with very socially prevalent clinical conditions, including major depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disorders. She has worked extensively too, with neuropsychological conditions, psychological assessments and in neuro-cognitive rehabilitation.

Shalini also works with couples and families, also being skilled in a variety of family counseling techniques. She enjoys helping groups, partners and individuals to explore unhelpful projections, interactive dynamics and to more closely examine and improve communication styles.

Shalini’s work with children and adolescents has included assisting people with neurodevelopmental and perceptual issues, learning difficulties and emotional and behavior problems. She has utilized childhood ability assessments widely and applied various psychotherapy methods. Shalini has delivered behavior modification support and applied behavior analysis. She is also proficient with various parent-child management training interventions.

Consultant Counsellor

Sandeep Adnani

Professional Counsellor

Sandeep (Sandy) is based part time with Wellselves as a professional counsellor supporting niche client issues.   He has had lengthy past experience as a Life Coach in Dubai and India for 8 years prior to migrating to Australia. After completing retraining in Australia as a professional Counsellor in 2017, Sandy attained full membership of the ACA.

Sandy has strong interests in supporting clients with cross cultural adaptation, bereavement, grief and loss and relationship counselling therapies.  Other core areas of focus include assisting exploration of personal sexuality and gender; queer families and child parenting; relationship adjustments and inter-relational obstacles; and personal goal revitalising, productively navigating stages of change.

Sandy is multi-lingual and has lived in four countries previously. He has a flare for learning new languages and working within multiply-layered cultural contexts.  Other skills include specialised, culturally-unique, visual therapy skills, mindfulness and facilitated meditation. Sandy also uses unique Mandala and symbol work as therapy, to help clients in addressing past emotional blocks, anxiety triggers and relational patterns and obstacles.  Various Mandala workshops Sandy teaches on request also offer new skills for visualising and re-integrating  'coping' awareness into personal identity. Mandala work fosters better recognised self strengths, supports issue redefinition and helps adapt individual change consolidation frameworks.

Person-centred in his approach, Sandy is motivated by authenticity and optimism in forming and maintaining therapeutic relationships. He works very interactively, tailoring skills to client need and using other well developed skill bases in CBT, ACT, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, EFT and NLP.