Social and Human Identity Research

Dr Sophie Vasiliadis

Dr Sophie Vasiliadis Sophie joined Wellselves in January 2017, as Principal Research Advisor to the Board.

She is a social science-specialised researcher, interested in unravelling the mysteries and manifestations of interactions between socio-cultural factors, personal behaviour and identity. Her health promotion research and policy development experience spans over fourteen years, with extensive experience gleaned across university, government, hospital, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors.

Sophie’s past appointments have included the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, the Cancer Council Victoria and the Department of General Practice. Other work has included research roles at the University of Melbourne, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Sophie’s own extensive research history has explored various aspects of obsessional thought and compulsive compensatory behaviour, including ‘addiction’ (particularly ‘problem gambling’), risk-taking, relapse, recovery and resilience. She has strong interest in these factors as they relate to self-image, self-compassion, and the use of various forms of external and internal resource and capital. Applying a strengths-based lens, she has highlighted the narrowness of the ‘deficit’ paradigm and outlined a more comprehensive model of the interrelationships between personal, social, cultural and environmental factors that shape the human experience.

Sophie’s expertise includes skills gained conducting studies using both quantitative and qualitative methods. A forte and ongoing speciality has been use of advanced multivariate statistical analysis, toward conducting various research with late adolescents and young adults.

In her current project, she has benchmarked a framework for the co-production process, including co-evaluation. The Consumer Engagement in Aged Care (CEAC) project has demonstrated the framework’s efficacy in the design and delivery of innovative, simple and effective solutions for aged care services locally and nationally. As the framework respects lived-experience and self-determination, participants experienced significant improvement in a sense of empowerment, personal agency, and life purpose.

Wellselves Research Interests

Current clinical research interests include: cognitive, sensory and emotional development factors in contextual trauma recovery; social media interaction, consumer marketing and body image and; gender development and sensory body identity and hormonal therapies and sexuality functions.

The impact of yoga and body therapies in supporting reduction in body dysmorphia and distress is a developing interest area for further study at Wellselves.

A dual citizen of both Australia and the Republic of Ireland, Chláir has recently begun researching and comparing rare ancient European, Australian and other international indigenous community healing traditions and related ancient anthropology.

Existential aspects of ongoing personal intergenerational identity history, especially the impact of intergenerational trauma are another area earmarked for ongoing investigation.